Braided Flat Black

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We all want the type of flip-flops that feel like a bed of clouds for our feet. All those fancy looking women shoes from high-end brands can empty your pocket but cannot make you feel comfortable. We at Leatheral are striving hard to give our customers the satisfaction and comfort they wish for. Paying more for shoes does not guarantee the softness that we are offering in our flat-shoes. Made with love and extensive research on how can we make our product the best keeping in view the demands of customers.

Shoes play an important part in your day-to-day activities. Your shoes take you everywhere you go be it your office, university, party or any other place and if your shoes are the one that make you feel tired, then you are in the wrong shoes.  You can work more efficiently if you have soft shoes that are also beautifully made to make your feet look the best among all others.

These braided flats are amazingly handcrafted to enhance the beauty of your feet and give them the required softness to make you feel active all day without any pain in your heels or feet. Our designs are made keeping in view the latest trends. We always want our customers to be the trend instead of following any trends. All those old-fashioned and 80’s fashion trends are not for our customers.

After all the hard work we have done on our products, we believe that anyone who buys our shoes one time, will surely come back again to get some for their family and friends. As social media has made people so much aware of all the things, we want our customers to make sure they get the same quality as ours if they shop from somewhere else and if not, don’t forget! Leatheral is always there for you.