Re define your Sandals !

Best female shoes online for summer

Remember that time we’ve given you a rundown on the flat sandals that you should fall for this season? Well, it’s the time late April, and our motto is not just to let you stock up essential boots for fall but an all-round-trendy-footwear collection. We believe at Leatheral that smart choices in footwear for women enhance the style and amplify the level of walkability. Kheri sandals are symbols of your own personal determination to head in a particular direction. They tend to link to a wish to put a lot of effort into achieving something immediately. Often a lack of shoes shows that you wish you could head in the direction you wish. Our determination at Leatheral is that the shoes you wear should come with a just appropriation of cultural variation and the Kheri sandals you are looking at, are definitely lived up to the hype, and once it’s worn you would not wait to start wearing them again. Shoes are an important accessory to complete an outfit like any other piece of clothing is. Shoes define your personality and unlike your outfit, they are usually left unnoticed, so you can easily opt for comfortable shoes over fancy-looking ones. At Leatheral the designs of women’s shoes are more diverse than they are for men and you typically have hundreds of different styles to choose from. For women, shoes are more of a style piece than comfort wear since women tend to notice your complete outfit and you would always want to wear something pretty on your feet as well. Kheri sandals are super airy and lightweight for hot summer months, plus you can pair them with any casual outfit to look chic. It is a semi-closed shoe that consists of two wide straps crossed and joined with the sole, plus a heel strap with a buckle to tie according to the foot size and level of comfort. They are traditionally made with pure leather and come in plain varieties. It’s hard to imagine what life was like when shoes weren’t discovered yet. Everything started because of a real and practical need to protect the feet from outside effects. At Leatheral our motto is to court seemingly simple human needs in which design is just as important as functionality and convenience. Modern footwear designers often look back at history for new ideas, inspiration, and creativity. At Leatheral we follow fashion trends and find different footwear for each situation and occasion according to your moods or dress code. Our ascertainment allows us to have a wide range of the highest quality, durable and fashionable shoes and not just one pair but a whole closet full of fashionable shoes.